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The experts answer queries fully and accurate. These are the top garage door repair FAQs.

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Is opening the garage door with a broken spring possible?

Unfortunately, you cannot open it safely with a broken spring. It is best not to attempt to repair it yourself or try to do other ways in opening your garage door. As what Garage Door Repair Lakeside explains, whenever the spring of your garage door is broken, immediate repair and/or maintenance procedures should be quickly implemented.

When do I need to unplug the garage door opener unit?

You need to unplug your garage door opener unit when you are leaving away from home for a long period of time. During a leave for vacation, for example, the unit should be unplugged. This precautionary measure can both save energy and ensure safety in your garage area while staying away from home. It is important to do this to ensure a peaceful vacation.

Which is the right garage door opener for me?

There are many different brands and types and choosing one can be a difficult task. Belt driven models are preferred owing to their reliability and zero noise. The living space above the garage will give you an idea on the type of opener that is right for you. Chain drive openers tend to be noisy while screw drive openers are quiet initially but tend to make a lot of noise if they are not maintained well.

How do I know the door is adjusted?

Disconnect the garage door opener and see if you can open the door without putting a lot of effort. You must lift it easily and the door must stay open three feet over the floor. If it remains open with difficulty or you have a hard time lifting it, garage door adjustment is necessary.

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