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Garage Door Safety

10/17/2013 Back To Blog

In most homes, the garage door is the heaviest moving object that people will encounter. Since it is so large, it has the potential to do some damage to people as well as vehicles and other property if not used properly. Homeowners should be aware of what they can do to ensure that they, their friends and their loved ones remain safe relative to this large device.Garage Door Safety

Protect Your Children

One of the common mishaps with overhead doors concerns children. Explain to your children and their friends that this object and its accompanying opener are not toys. If these are abused, it can lead to injury and, in the most severe cases, death. Make sure that children never stand under or run under a garage door, especially when the device is moving.

Watch It

When opening and closing, watch the door and make sure that no one - children, adults, pets - are in its path. Make sure no one gets in the way when it is closing. Trying to beat it on the way down is not a game. Even though doors are equipped with safety mechanisms, there is the possibility that they could fail.

Keep Up With Maintenance

Stay up to date with your garage door maintenance. Check your garage door springs and rollers periodically. Examine the tracks as well for any buildup or debris. The professionals at garage door repair in Lakeside recommend an annual maintenance check. This will help ensure the safety of you and your family.

Don’t Get Shocked

Remember, your unit uses electricity. If you are experiencing problems, professional garage door service is recommended. Attempting to service a unit on your own is ill-advised and can lead to problems. There is always the probability of being shocked, and even killed, when attempting to work on an electrical unit.

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