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Overhead garage doors are oftentimes a bother to the owners

Develop your knowledge with these garage door repair tips. Practical information for all types.

Finding a the right door for your garage

It is important to decide on the type of garage door that would fit your garage and your home. There are many types of door materials to choose from in the industry, including glass, aluminum and wooden garage doors. Depending on the design and appearance of your home, choose a door that would enhance the look of your residence and make it more appealing.

Get wireless keypads

Wireless garage door keypad systems are extremely practical and provide great safety. The most modern ones work with rolling code technology and you can also change your password as often as you like. They allow you to give a different password to visitors which also changes easily.

Park carefully

One basic way to make sure that your garage door would not suffer too much damage is by parking your vehicle carefully. Some people eagerly back their cars up into the garage while it is not yet fully opened, causing the garage door to be pushed inwards and lose its alignment. The impact may also cause dents both on the vehicle and on the garage door.

How to effectively wash your garage door

Garage doors rarely need anything more than warm clean water and a sponge for effective cleaning. If needed you could also add a mild form of detergent. Non-abrasive detergents and soft cloths should be used for cleaning the windows of your door. Garage Door Repair Lakeside recommends taking great care if using a power washer. Many models of power washer are extremely powerful and can actually cause damage to the finish and cause peeling.

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